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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 2:22 PM by Emily Saveraid

WashingtonDuane and Vicky Fisher have been a dynamic duo for Washington County 4-H paving a path where there was none. They were the start to the 4-H goat department in 2006 and annual 4-H pancake breakfast in 2009. They have been significant contributors of their personal time, talents, knowledge and sweat to establish these great improvements to the program.  

It was humble beginnings in 2006 when Vicky was starting her own goat herd and was asked to be the first goat superintendent. Her husband, Duane, said his inspiration to volunteer was supporting his wife on something she wanted to do. They were both 4-H alum and wanted to raise their children Zeb, Zane, and Zoe in a 4-H family.  

The goat department grew under Fisher’s leadership. It grew from 16 to 118 head and Fisher’s literally built THE barn through an intense couple years of fundraising and grant writing.  They put in countless hours and hard work selling raffle tickets and making plans. 

It was their ability to see a need, their vision, their belief, their work ethic and inspiration that have made much 4-H success come to life. The annual 4- H pancake breakfast began under Vicky’s leadership for 14 years. Duane says he was just along for the ride in all of that, but Vicky quickly recognizes him to be her hands and feet. What she needed done, he did it. Found it. Fixed it. Built it.  

Duane and Vicky are proud to have been a part of such significant 4-H activities but are humble to give credit to fair board and the goat department show help for always being such good people to work with. 

Washington County 4-H is thankful for Duane and Vicky Fisher’s dedicated leadership.  Their work ethic and caring personalities are 4-H role models for us all.

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