Iowa 4-H Foundation

Seventy-five years ago, life looked a lot different. No cell phone, computers or color TV. We're all familiar with the evolution and the technological advances that allow us to do more, with less.

4-H has evolved as well. What used to be corn clubs and canning clubs are now robotics clubs and camera clubs. Young people have more opportunities than ever to explore their sparks and find their passion. But though 4-H may look different today than it did 75 years ago when the Iowa 4-H Foundation was founded, the core values remain the same: to provide research based, hands-on learning opportunities for youth to gain the skills for a successful future.

The Iowa 4-H Foundation has always been committed to meeting the needs of the Iowa 4-H Program. In 1949, that need was a camp. Today, that need looks different. Today, we support county programs, volunteer development and financial aid. What will the need be in another 75 years? We can't answer that question, but we do know that 4-H will need to be innovative--and to do that will require resources.

So, in celebration of 75 years, we have created a special Innovation Fund and invite you to make a special gift this year in honor of our 75th Anniversary. These funds will be used to help 4-H to be innovative and reach more young people. Help us raise $75,000 for 75 Years!

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