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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 2:20 PM by Emily Saveraid

Wapello CountyWapello County is proud to honor Jeff and Cindy Emery as the 2023 Hall of Fame inductees. Cindy grew up in Northeast Iowa on a dairy farm. Jeff grew up on a livestock and crop farm just down the road from where the Wapello County Expo grounds are currently located. Jeff was a 4-H alumni showing swine, cattle, a dog, and did several STEM projects. They began their true dedication to 4-H back in 1998 when their first child started in the Clover Kids program. Cindy graciously took over as the Clover Kid leader at that time and Jeff began sharing his expertise as a Board Member. 

Through the years, and four children: Cody, Kayla, Colton, and Kaitlyn. They continue to give back to the program through their donated time, materials, and equipment. In 2014 Cindy gained the opportunity to become the County Youth Coordinator for Wapello County. With Jeff at her side, they both have helped to grow the program and change the lives of many children and families along the way. In their search to relocate the Expo event to a more permanent home for future 4-H events, Cindy found and helped spearhead the purchase of the new Wapello County 4-H Expo grounds and ISU Extension and Outreach for Wapello County office. In 2016 after the purchase, the Emery family spent most of their free time to ensure the success of the new grounds for all who would utilize the facilities. Looking back, you can now see what their dedication and time has done to the growth and success of the Wapello County 4-H Expo. 

Jeff and Cindy don't look at the 4-H program as time consuming or even a job, they see it as a legacy they will leave behind for those they serve, and including everyone as part of their family. They have instilled these great qualities into their four children and they have spread that knowledge through their careers and 4-H development. Despite being reluctant to be named this years hall of fame winners, the Wapello County 4-H was persistent in honoring their hard work. Thank you again Jeff and Cindy Emery.

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