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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 2:13 PM by Emily Saveraid

Shelby CountyThis year’s recipient has lived in Shelby County Iowa her entire life. One of the things she looks forward to every summer is the Shelby County Fair. 4H and the county fair are both something that brings this whole family together and has for many decades. 

Shirley McConnell attended Irwin-Kirkman Community School. She joined the Irwin Lassies (girls-only club) and completed projects like baking cookies, sewing, making tank tops, and ecology boxes. She joined the Northeast Sodbusters (the boys-only club at the time) in 8th grade where she raised and showed dairy and beef heifers. The Northeast Sodbusters was started by her father and Laverne Juhl. Her father was the leader for several years followed by three of her brothers. During her time in 4-H, she took pride in helping with herdsmanship and. 

She decided to become a 4-H club leader of the Northeast Sodbusters. She was the leader of the Northeast Sodbusters for 10 years. This club had about 25 members at its largest during this time. The club did a lot of community service and volunteer work while she was the leader. And she also coordinated multiple club outings like going to the ISU women's basketball game, and Defy Gravity trampoline park, and Adventureland Amusement Park.

She and her husband have 3 wonderful children who all started their own 4-H journey. She was a 4-H parent for nearly 15 years. 

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