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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 2:12 PM by Emily Saveraid

Scott CountyAngie Ehlers has been helping others in the 4-H program all of her adult life.  She went from being an active 4-H member to being a supervisor at the fair in the few years after college graduation.  She now leads the 4-H Club she was a member of in her youth.  Her leadership has been admired by other leaders, parents and staff.  She plans phenomenal activities and workshops for the members of the club and always works with co-leaders and community partners to make the learning fun.  Many lucky 4-Hers have been members of the Blue Grass Sunshine Workers and they have always had a large membership and excellent attendance.

In addition to helping on the club level, Angie has two county-wide responsibilities that both result in offering people a chance to support 4-H financially.  The first is a fun raffle at the 4-H Family Fun Night that offers prizes attractive to adults and youth alike.  It is a highlight of the evening to see who wins the coveted prizes.  In addition, she works as a member of the Pork Producers to sponsor an apple pie baking contest for the 4-H members at the fair.  All of the pies are then auctioned off during the 4-H Swine Show and the money donated to the county 4-H program.  She is one of the people that others ask to help as they know her work will be excellent, she will be happy to help and her example to young people of the highest quality.

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