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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 2:11 PM by Emily Saveraid

RinggoldCurt and Sandy Pierschbacher are living examples of how individuals can support 4-H in ways outside of volunteering.  Their 4-H involvement started as members and continued as parents.  However, their love for 4-H did not end when their children were out of 4-H.

Curt has served as a county fair auctioneer for many years. He started auctioneering the fair sale alongside his father-in-law, as well as a few other local auctioneers. When the Ringgold County Fair switched from a livestock sale to a premium auction, Curt remained involved. This change meant that each youth had to be the center of attention for a few moments which made many of them uncomfortable. Curt can tell when that is the case and does what he can to help calm their nerves.  

Sandy is branch president for one of the banks located in Ringgold County. Thanks largely to her efforts the Clover Kid, 4-H and FFA exhibitors with livestock, small animal and/or static entries at the Ringgold County fair are given exhibitor shirts sponsored by this bank. A 4-H parent sums it up by saying, “We love the fair shirts that First Interstate Bank provides.  It helps eliminate one more expense we have at fair time. My kids don’t just wear them at the fair either. We have shirts dating back to 2017 that get worn here, there and everyone. Because of that people can see that we are a 4-H family and learn about where Ringgold County is.” 

Both Curt & Sandy were outstanding 4-H parents.  They were one of those families that you knew you could rely on when help was needed, especially in the horse project area.  As one project member remembers, “They always gave me positive encouragement when I needed to hear it.  Simply saying ‘Keep trying. You can do it.’ really brightened my spirit and made me want to do it again and again until I did get it.”  The Pierschbacher family is strong, honest, devoted and resilient - we are lucky to have them as supporters of Ringgold County 4-H.

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