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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 2:06 PM by Emily Saveraid

Palo AltoLinus Solberg has played a significant role in the 4-H program in Palo Alto County.  His passion for 4-H, the Palo Alto County Fair, and knowledge of raising quality livestock has benefited 4-H members over the last 50-plus years.

Linus was born in Palo Alto County and was raised on a farmstead west of Cylinder.  As a youth, he was active in 4-H, including showing livestock at the Palo Alto County Fair, where he had several grand championship pigs and cattle.  He could also be found showing at the Iowa State Fair as well as various other open shows across Iowa and the Midwest.  Linus attended school in Cylinder and went to Iowa State University.  In 1968 he married an Irish lass, Paddy Horan, and together they had two children, Penny and Sean, who were also very active in the 4-H program in Palo Alto County. Linus has resided and farmed within Palo Alto County throughout his life. 

Linus has helped 4-Hers by selling them winning pigs and sheep, being a mentor, and providing guidance about raising livestock and preparing them for exhibition.  Linus served on the Palo Alto County Fair Board for several years during the 1980s. Linus was passionate about the fairgrounds and spent many hours volunteering his hard work to ensure the fairgrounds were in top shape for the county fair and all its fair-goers.  Throughout the years, Linus has been a top supporter of the Palo Alto County Fair livestock auction by buying countless 4-H animals and ribbon premiums and has sponsored many livestock trophies.

Linus is also very active in his community. He was a member of Palo Alto County Pork Producers and is currently serving on the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors.  

Linus has been instrumental in facilitating positive change benefiting the 4-H program and the county fair.  

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