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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 1:49 PM by Emily Saveraid

OsceolaRuss and Dolly Meier have been active and faithful Poultry Superintendents and huge supporters of our 4-H members at the Osceola County Fair for over 15 years. As poultry superintendents, Russ and Dolly have dedicated their time and energy selflessly to the youth of Osceola County. They have spent uncountable hours behind the scenes of our poultry project area. Before and after the fair, you can find Russ and Dolly helping the youth clean cages, the poultry barn, and fixing broken cages. During the fair, you will find them at the poultry show helping youth get ready for their classes, announcing the show, and keeping track of the results. 

Russ and Dolly are always willing to help Osceola County 4-H members in any way they can. They strive to make sure participants in the poultry project area have the knowledge they need to succeed. Russ and Dolly were and continue to be the catalyst to our growing poultry project area.

The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Office of Osceola County, along with all 4-H members, new and alum, proudly support Russ and Dolly Meier as Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame honorees. We thank them for the countless hours they have provided to make our poultry project area a success!

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