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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 1:42 PM by Emily Saveraid

Mills CountyLoretta Ramsey has been a resident of Mills County since 1974, and a huge participant and supporter of the Mills County Fair for almost as long!

When Loretta grew up in Quinn, South Dakota in the 50’s, she begged her mom to let her join 4-H. The club met in the neighboring town and her mother would not let her join. However, when Loretta was in high school, she did manage to take an exhibit to the fair in Rapid City, South Dakota. This started her lifelong love of fairs!

Shortly after moving to Mills County, Loretta discovered the Mills County Fair, and for her, it has been nonstop involvement ever since. Since around 1975, Loretta has probably participated in almost every Mills County Fair. When Loretta’s kids became old enough to participate in 4-H, she made sure that they could join if they wanted to. All three of her kids gave it a try. And as soon as her oldest joined the Loyal Lassies, she finally got to be involved with 4-H. She became a project leader for the Loyal Lassies, she was the Visual Arts Leader. 

As her kids grew out of 4-H, she still remained a very active participant in the Mills County Fair. She has exhibited in the open class division for almost 50 years. When Loretta’s grandkids started 4-H in 2002, she jumped back into volunteering for Mills County 4-H. 

From a little girl in South Dakota who wasn’t allowed to do 4-H, to the proud grandmother of six, nine-year members of Mills County 4-H, to the many food and nutrition experiences that she has helped with, to her great-grandkids’ futures as 4-H’ers, Loretta Ramsey has helped to grow Mills County 4-H. Mills County is proud to have Loretta Ramsey inducted into the 2023 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame.   

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