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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 1:37 PM by Emily Saveraid

MadisonTiffany Jensen began her 4-H career as a member of the Lincoln United 4-H Club. Her family was the kind of family where 4-H was of great importance. Tiffany and her sisters all remain active as 4-H leaders. These experiences have led Tiffany to live her life aligned with the 4-H Pledge and inspire others to do the same.

My Head To Greater Thinking: Tiffany is the creative mind behind their annual tree fundraiser. This fundraiser has raised the club money to support club activities while also teaching about profit margins, marketing, sales pitches, forestry and so much more. It’s important to her that these funds are used to facilitate educational opportunities which will allow them to cultivate an interest in civic engagement.

My Heart To Greater Loyalty: The community knows that they can count on Tiffany to fulfill commitments with creativity, care and compassion. She is a great example to youth, volunteers and staff as she is able to keep a healthy balance between her volunteer time and family’s needs. Beyond being a busy homeschooling 4-H mother to three involved 4-H’ers, Michael, Elsie & Evan, she also runs a family business with her husband, Bill Jensen Heating & Cooling. Tiffany wears many hats and is loyal to each of these roles. 

My Hands To Larger Service: Every year she intentionally chooses activities that will appeal to the interests of the club. Most of the club’s funds are dedicated to creating learning opportunities that build strong foundations for each club member. She leads by example, instilling qualities such as compassion and curiosity.  Her entire family is willing to help on a dime -- including fixing a hot water heater in the 4-H food stand right before the fair! 

My Health To Better Living: Tiffany’s strong character allows her to be a positive influence to others. She empowers others to want to make things better. Even though her schedule is demanding, she carries on with a smile and doesn’t let challenges defeat her.

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