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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 2:09 PM by Emily Saveraid

E-PottJim and Carol Kalb have always been proud supporters of the East Pottawattamie 4-H program. Raising their children Jesse, Jodi, and Jamie on a farm west of Carson. The 4-H culture was a daily life, a life that was instilled in their childhood and would be passed on to their children.  The Kalb’s have shown a commitment to not only their family, but their community through the 4-H program in East Pottawattamie. Carol was a dedicated sheep superintendent for over a decade.  This was a position that had been passed on to her from her father. She did this while leading many children in livestock judging around southwest Iowa and to the state competitions for many years. Jim took their children to evaluate and pick out their own stock to show each year. Teaching them what to look for in a healthy animal and what differences in structure could be found in various species. Additionally, both Jim and Carol were club leaders and shared their knowledge with many families in the East Pottawattamie communities. 

Carol was an East Pottawattamie 4-H member of both the West Nishna Belles and the Westside Feeders. She grew up in an era that if you wanted to show livestock you must be a member of the boy’s club as well as the girls club. At a young age Carol was committed to all things 4-H and was determined to be a part of this. 

Together the Kalb’s have created their Kalb Show Stock business. Dedicated to raising goats on their farmstead. The couple has bred and raised numerous champions throughout southwest Iowa. This business continues today. 

Today Jim and Carol are proud supporters of their grandchildren in the 4-H program. Assisting them as they have their own children and many others on the educational opportunities the program can offer.

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