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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 12:58 PM by Emily Saveraid

Crawford CountyRandy Kuhlman was not a 4-H member, but as a lifelong FFA teacher, he has worked to support 4-H and other youth for over 30 years. He has molded over a thousand high school students for success in all different fields in local communities. He taught them to work together and make impossible things possible. Randy was selfless to a fault but that's what made working with youth look effortless. Almost all of Randy’s FFA students were also in 4-H. 

Randy is a life long resident of Crawford County. There he was involved with the whole community such as fairs, leadership contests, swine circuses, fruit sales, ag field days, judging contests, hands on farming, soil sampling, cattlemen's classic, greenhouse horticulture, flower arrangement, carcass cutting and grading. Everywhere his students were in the county people wanted to be associated with this winning program: Farmland Foods and IBP (national level) ,HyVee, county and state fairs (state level), local businesses from clothing stores to welding shops all supported Randy’s leadership.   

Crawford County is please to recognize Randy for the 4-H Hall of Fame.  No one deserves it more.

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