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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 12:54 PM by Emily Saveraid

Clay CountyIt is no secret that Carrie Nelson is an avid Iowa State fan. Every September at the Clay County Fair you will find her in the 4-H Exhibit Building, alongside her husband Rick, in their Cardinal and Gold.  While her love for the Cyclones runs deep, her love for 4-H may be even stronger. For more than 15 years Carrie has been an integral part of 4-H in Clay County. 

While never a 4-Her herself, Carrie took the founding principals of the organization to heart. As a 4-H mom, she recognized quickly the value that 4-H added to her boys’ lives and she was quick to come alongside club leaders and other volunteers to step in and help wherever needed. From there, her love of 4-H, and her willingness to lend her time and her talents to the youth in Clay County started her on a path of volunteering that has only continued to grow. 

Today, Carrie serves as an active member of our non-livestock committee.  Throughout the year Carrie assists with Communication events and project workshops. Her eye for the creative arts and horticulture has made her an invaluable asset to our organization. Throughout the years, Carrie has served as a static project judge- sharing insightful tips and tricks with countless 4-H members. In her role as a Clay County Master Gardener, Carrie has judged dozens of our Posies in a Pail projects.   You will also always find Carrie manning the information and help desk in the 4-H building all nine days of the Clay County Fair. Wether she is answering questions about 4-H, helping grandparents find their grandkids 4-H projects, or checking in district communication presenters, Carrie is there and ready to help.  

It is an honor to present this award to Carrie Nelson in recognition of her years of dedicated service to Clay County 4-H.

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