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Posted on August 21, 2023 at 12:20 PM by Emily Saveraid

Bremer CountyMike is a Bremer County 4-H alumni and has continued to serve the youth and communities of Bremer County as a previous bottle-bucket calf superintendent and Farm Credit Services of America sponsorship leader. His superintendent duties began in (2008) and finished in (2010). As a cattle producer himself, he grew the knowledge of the Clover showmen through one-on-one interviews featuring their calf project. The Clover exhibitors and all other Bremer 4-Hers have appreciated his help in gaining a sponsor with Farm Credit Services of America. Over the years, Farm Credit has provided Bremer County with food coupons, pre-show breakfasts, volunteer ring help, club t-shirts, and much more! 

Mike’s wife, LeAnn, has also played a crucial role in the development of the Bremer County Clover program. LeAnn and her sister-in-law, Christy Snyder, began the Clover Explorers 4-H Club in (2005) with the help of previous County Youth Coordinator, Janice Mueller. Over a nine-year period, Clover Explorers grew to nearly 30 members aging from kindergarten to 3rd grade! LeAnn prioritized making the best better by encouraging club presentations, organizing healthy living activities, hosting farm safety conversations, and planning community business tours. LeAnn stepped away from the position in (2014) but continues to serve as a resource for 4-Hers as a parent volunteer during fair and annual 4-H events. 

Mike and LeAnn Foelske have set the Bremer County Clover program on a path to new opportunities by providing a genuine 4-H experience for members! Their expertise and enthusiasm for the 4-H lives on as their children become Bremer County 4-H alum and continue to serve Bremer 4-H beyond their graduation.

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