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Posted on August 22, 2022 at 12:37 PM by Cade Cameron

image of Mike MarshallMike provides leadership to others while enjoying retirement. He was a 4-H leader for his local club in the 80s. In the years since he continued to work for the benefit of the youth and the community. He is a member of the Wright County Extension Council.

The Hall of Famer is also active when it comes to the Wright County Fair every year. He helps with the livestock in varying capacities. Marshall assists in the pig ring and weighing livestock beforehand.

Perhaps more than any other activity, Marshall is known in Wright County for the support and involvement with 4-Hers that show bottle calves. Every year, he houses several calves at his farm that will eventually make it to the county fair. From start to finish, he involves young people and gives them the opportunity to show bottle calves which would not be possible without him. 

Marshall welcomes kids and families to his farm for these activities. “I think it teaches the kids responsibility and good teamwork,” he said. “They take turns doing the chores at my place and doing the tasks like washing and walking the calves.” He noted that some kids who have had calves at his farm now have children themselves who have animals out there.

4-H leader and mom Jenny Smith describes how instrumental Marshall has been to her daughter. “My daughter Ashlynn has been showing bottle calves since kindergarten.  If it wasn’t for Mike, she would have never had this opportunity.” Smith went on to say that Marshall also helped Ashlynn with showing a market steer the last few years out of the county. “The opportunities that Mike has given Ashlynn have more importantly sparked an interest in her to have a desire to pursue Animal Science in the future.  As a parent and a 4-H leader myself that makes me extremely proud.”

Smith went on to say that Marshall’s volunteerism and support for youth go way beyond just her daughter. “He would do anything for kids.  If he had a kid show up at his barn and said they wanted to start showing chickens, he would figure out a way to make it happen.  It has never been about the money, who you are, or where you live.  Mike Marshall’s barn door is always open to kids who have an interest in showing.”

“He is overall an outstanding Wright County Community member and instills core values to the youth he works with,” said county officials. “He is truly an inspiration to the Wright County 4-H Family.”

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