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Posted on August 22, 2022 at 11:55 AM by Cade Cameron

Bob BlumBob Blum has served Mills County for several years as a dedicated volunteer. He serves on the Mills County Fair Board and volunteers as a 4-H horse superintendent, two roles that take up a significant amount of time, especially from May through August!

As horse superintendent, Bob has set a strong example of leadership and citizenship to all youth he's worked with in the past 15+ years of his time volunteering. Even after a long day of work, you can find him working the horse arena, checking fair buildings, and checking in on Extension office staff to make sure everything is in order. He is a man that many people count on, and the first one to call when there is a problem to be fixed.

Mills County youth have learned many things from him as he helps hold weekly horse practices for 4-H'ers April through July. He brings his ranching knowledge to the table and is happy to share and teach. He also is vigilant in ensuring that youth have a safe and clean place to ride, and takes special care of the horse arena, especially on show day. There is no arena that looks better than the Mills County horse arena on show day!

Mills County 4-H is lucky to have Bob, and would not be successful and thriving without him. Mills County owes a great deal to him and the work he puts in to allow youth the opportunities they have. This is only a small gesture of gratefulness in comparison to all that he has done for Mills County.

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