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Posted on August 22, 2022 at 11:23 AM by Cade Cameron

Gary BrockGary Brock has been a dedicated 4-H volunteer in Harrison County for 35 years. Gary’s family has a long history with 4-H, dating back to his father Robert “Bob” Brock, who started the Dunlap Knight Riders 4-H club in 1963. After 29 years as the club leader, Bob passed the torch to Gary who continues to lead the club. Naturally, Gary’s kids participated in 4-H, specializing in cattle. Gary’s wife, Vivian, helps with the many aspects of the club such as paperwork and club finances. With his grandkids nearing 4-H age, the family tradition of 4-H participation is going to pass to the next generation!

As a member of a longtime farm family in Harrison County, Gary aims for future generations to have experiences in the agricultural field. Throughout Gary’s 8 years on Extension Council, he has been a supporter of positive youth experiences through practical hands-on learning with livestock. He helps at the Harrison County Fair whenever needed and is the cattle superintendent at the 4-County Fair in his hometown of Dunlap, Iowa.

Known throughout the county, Gary is a role model to youth and volunteers alike. He is an example of what makes 4-H so special as life lessons and skills are passed from generation to generation. Harrison County cannot thank Gary and his family enough for the dedication and time they have spent Making the Best Better!

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