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Posted on August 22, 2022 at 11:22 AM by Cade Cameron

Ed Bear

Ed Bear and his wife Susie live on his family farm by Steamboat Rock. Ed has been involved with the Hardin County 4-H program, and particularly the Hardin County Fair, for nearly all of his life.  Some of Ed’s first memories of the Hardin County fair involve his dad’s ponies, King and Flash, who were quite successful in the pony races. When Ed was finally old enough to join 4-H, he joined the Jackson Feeders 4-H Club in 1949, eagerly participating in the 4-H pony show. Back then, 4-Hers could only show in the halter division. Performance classes were yet to come.

Ed continued to show 4-H Beef and Dairy calves until he graduated from high school and began attending Ellsworth Community College. Even then, he always came back to the fair and helped other 4-Hers with their projects. It was in his blood!

Ed served four terms on the Hardin County Board of Supervisors. During his time as supervisor, some of the successes he is most proud of are working with the board to allocate more money for the Hardin County Fair Board, and working to improve the roads and pavement in the fairgrounds. He also worked with the Engineer’s Office to tear down the old cattle barn to make way for the new building that exists today.

Ed would tell you he grew in a sale barn. His dad was a ring starter at Reisinger’s Sale Barn, and Ed learned every part of the business from working scales, being a ring man, and check-in. Attending auctioneer school and becoming an auctioneer himself, Ed has traveled all over the country running auctions and selling a variety of items. However, coming back to the Hardin County Fair every year the 4-H auction has been one of the things he enjoys the most. Over the years when live sales were held, he always volunteered his time for various tasks like moving cattle, or wherever they needed him. When the Ribbon Auction began over 20 years ago, Ed was of the founding members of the Ribbon Auction Committee and has been volunteering his time, auctioning off ribbons for 4-Hers ever since. Ed is very committed to getting the next generation involved to see this great event continue.

Hardin County 4-H thanks Ed for his years of service and for giving back to Hardin County’s youth. He has truly made a difference in many lives and we are proud to call him one of our own!

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