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Posted on August 22, 2022 at 11:19 AM by Cade Cameron

Darrell HayFrom his childhood days of raising and selling rabbits to hauling grandkids from cattle shows to cattle shows, Darrel Hay has done it all.

Darrel moved to Hamilton County in 1991. He began his career with Shelton/Hay Ag, where he continues to work as co-owner. From 1991 on, he has become more and more involved in the community and has now served a 27-year tenure on the Hamilton County Fair Board.

Shortly after joining the fair board, Darrel began serving on the Hamilton County Cattleman's Association, which he has been a member of for 25 years and is currently the President. Darrel volunteers his time and resources by picking and donating sweet corn for fundraisers, grilling or smoking pork loins, steak and doing whatever else is requested to ensure the most money can be made for a cause that he believes in.

There are many unnoticed behind-the-scenes ways that Darrel serves the families and community members that attend the Hamilton County Fair to ensure lifelong memories are made. Darrel himself has made some of his favorite memories on these same fairgrounds, as he’s watched his children and now his grandchildren grow their love for the fair, their cattle, and Hamilton County.

Year after year Darrel claims to be taking a step back, but it appears he’s just a big talker with an even bigger heart. If you were talking to him right now, he would be griping and complaining about all this work but the smile on his face, and the glimmer in his one good eye would tell you he’s doing just what he loves, serving others.

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