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Posted on August 22, 2022 at 11:12 AM by Cade Cameron

Dennis & Lisa SonbergDennis and Lisa Sonberg have been 4-H supporters for many years. Their involvement in 4-H began when their children became interested in what the organization had to offer.  

Dennis and Lisa have been both parent supporters and community supporters of the 4-H organization for almost 20 years. During the years that Dennis and Lisa’s children were involved in 4-H, they provided support by helping them with their fair exhibits and encouraging involvement in club activities. They volunteered with their children’s 4-H club by working in the 4-H food stand at the Floyd County Fair and Lisa became the 4-H Leader of Colwell Celebrities.  

Lisa has also supported the local 4-H clubs by serving as a member of the Floyd County 4-H Youth Committee and is a vital part of the 4-H food stand preparations for almost 10 years.

In addition to being supporters of their children, Dennis and Lisa also volunteered their time to other 4-H youth within Floyd County. Dennis was a member of the Floyd County Fair Board where he worked with other fair board members to make the Floyd County Fair fun for all ages.  Dennis has also helped to build new updated 4-H static fair displays.  

Dennis and Lisa served as the Dairy and Bucket Bottle superintendents for the Floyd County Fair for many years.  They also donated numerous hours to beautify the Floyd County Fairgrounds with flowers and created a beautiful photo backdrop for youth to take photos with their animals.  Dennis and Lisa have been and continue to be positive role models for the youth of Floyd County.  


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