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Susan FriedrichSusan Friedrich’s started 4-H in 1970 in Madison County with the dog project being her favorite.  Over the years her knowledge in this area expanded and she began providing leadership at the county dog project training meetings. She was honored to be named the state and a regional winner in the 4-H Dog Care and Training Program which earned her a trip to the 1977 National 4-H Congress in Chicago.

Susan graduated from Iowa State University in 1982, with a degree in Public Service and Administration in Agriculture and Agricultural Extension Education. Her first position out of college was as a professional 4-H and Youth Leader on the staff of the ISU Cooperative Extension Service in both Bremer and Chickasaw counties. In addition to providing overall leadership for the 4-H program in both counties, she also worked with the 4-H dog project members in Chickasaw county as a project leader. Susan later worked as a 4-H program assistant in Union County.  Susan worked with the dog show at the Iowa State Fair for 11 years, first as a steward and then as superintendent. She judged county 4-H dog shows, in addition to some county judging with visual arts and photography.

In the mid-nineties, Susan began working with the 4-H dog program in Fayette County. She and her husband, Norman, supported the involvement of each of their four children in 4-H, including their participation in the dog project. Susan’s work with the project in Fayette County involves the development of written training materials and input for the county fair class descriptions, as well as meeting weekly with 4-H’ers from late spring up until the day of the dog show at the county fair.

“The difference between what I do with 4-H members and just teaching a dog training class,” Susan often says, “is that my priority is first the child, not the dog.” Susan works to teach each child a skill they can use throughout their life and loves seeing them grow in self-confidence along with new skills. In addition to training their dog, which includes the development of skills such as being consistent, problem-solving, making good use of time, patience, and commitment.  Susan encourages the development of skills in working together and provides leadership opportunities as youth continue in the project. She also encourages appropriate parental participation and support of their kids in 4-H.

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