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Posted on August 22, 2022 at 11:06 AM by Cade Cameron

Larry & Rhonda WarthThis year’s 2022 Des Moines County 4-H Hall of Fame inductees love 4-H and fair, believe 4-H is a great thing to become involved in, and even advocate for involvement when the conversation arises. Larry and Rhonda Warth were never involved in the program itself, as children, but their belief in the program led them to lifelong friendships and a plethora of memories over the years.

Their love of livestock: specifically horses and sheep, is what sparked their interest in the 4-H program. As lifelong members of the Quarter Horse Association and the Paint Horse Association, their expertise in the species was a welcomed addition to the Des Moines County 4-H Horse Committee.

In addition to the 4-H Horse Committee, Larry also served as a co-leader for the Sperry Sodbusters 4-H Club, a member of the 4-H Sheep Committee, and a behind-the-scenes volunteer, for the 4-H Horse Show, long after his service to the 4-H program was complete.

Rhonda also served as a leader of the Buckaroos 4-H Club and played a very instrumental part in the success of the 4-H Horse Show.

The couple even partnered with LaVerne and Paula Lucas to implement the Bucket Bottle program in Des Moines County many, many years ago.

As 4-H parents, Larry and Rhonda were always ringside supporting their children: Tim and Tina and continued that support when their grandchildren Cody and Ty enrolled. Great-granddaughter, Saige, isn’t old enough for Clover Kids or 4-H, yet, but there is no doubt the Warth Family 4-H involvement will continue for many years to come.

Larry and Rhonda believe that supporting the local fair and getting involved, as volunteers, is the best way to give back to a program you love!

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