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Posted on August 22, 2022 at 11:03 AM by Cade Cameron

Mike & Peggy FrostMike and Peggy Frost are Decatur County natives.  Still to this day, they reside on a Heritage Farm in Decatur County.  Peggy was a member of the Center’s Cheerful Chums boys and girls clubs.  She actively participated in showing cattle and taking projects to the static building in home economics.  While in 4H, Peggy held numerous local and county offices relating to 4H.  She was a member of both clubs because as a female in order to show livestock you had to be in a boys club.  When the time was right she then became a co-leader of the Cheerful Chums girls club.  As their daughters became old enough to join 4H, she encouraged them to give 4H a try.

Although the couple would prefer to stay out of the spotlight, the county wants them to know how much they are appreciated.  They have supported almost every building project that has taken place on the Decatur County fairgrounds.  The couple was one of the sponsors of a steer from our county in the Governor’s Steer Show.  The wash rack at the fairgrounds was in need of a major repair and this family stepped up to make that happen.  At the end of the fair, the exhibitors sell some of the projects to help pay for some feed bills.  Mike and Peggy were always at the sale and purchased numerous animals from the exhibitors to help ease the process of selling an animal and their feed bill.

Mike and Peggy do not just support 4H, they have been active members in the county holding positions like school board, South Central Iowa Community Foundation board, and ROCCS.  The couple owned and operated the local Leon NAPA store. Peggy is currently a part-time nurse at the Decatur County Hospital.

Mike and Peggy obviously love their community and are willing to help in whatever capacity they can.  They want small, rural communities to have as many opportunities available to them as possible as well as the 4H program.

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