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Posted on August 22, 2022 at 11:01 AM by Cade Cameron

Aleta Cochran

Aleta has a passion for 4-H and her willingness to serve people goes above and beyond the expectations of her position. She is well known and trusted in the community due to her years of dedicated service to the youth and volunteers in the county.

Aleta lives and breathes extension. She is always there to support and serve residents, 4-Hers and families. Residents often took to Aleta for her advice, because they know she either has the answer, or will work very hard to find it. She makes sure that everyone is heard and respected. She makes sure that everything is well thought out and taken care of, so that 4-H’ers get the fullest experience of their time spent in Dallas County.

Aleta knows no stranger, and if they are a stranger, they are coming to her because she has been recommended by others in the community who view her so highly. Aleta was previously the County Youth Coordinator in Dallas County, where her efforts to educate youth in multiple learning areas did not go unnoticed. Aleta then transitioned into the Office Manager position, where she continues to assist in programming and support for 4-H programs and workshops, as well as: keeping everyone on their toes and running the agricultural aspect. Aleta lives the mission and vison of ISU Extension.

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