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Posted on August 22, 2022 at 12:17 PM by Cade Cameron

Dwight & Bonnie Sanders

Dwight and Bonnie (Schadle) first met on a 4-H Chicago Award Trip.

Bonnie served two, 2-year terms (1975-1976 and 1977-1978) on the Benton County 4-H Committee and was the committee's 4-H Chicago Trip Award recipient in 1976.

For a number of years, Bonnie was a Benton County 4-H Garden Tour Leader, visiting 4-H'ers to offer advice, answer questions, and evaluate their gardens for the "Green Thumb Award".

In 1977, Dwight and Bonnie served as adult counselors for the Benton and Iowa County 4-H Intermediate Camp at the Iowa 4-H Camping Center. Their leadership and rapport with youth counselors and campers contributed significantly to their experiences.

Dwight and Bonnie both served as Benton County Fair 4-H science, mechanics, and arts superintendents. Bonnie served a 3-year term from 1979-1981. While Dwight completed a 3-year term from 1982-1984.

Bonnie was a frequent and respected achievement show judge.  Dwight served as a Benton County Fair 4-H and FFA herdsmanship judge. They also donated to the Iowa 4-H Foundation, through the fundraiser "purchase" an acre of land at the Iowa 4-H Camping Center.

Dwight was a leader for the North Eden Blue Races.  Bonnie was a 4-H communications judge. Dwight was a Benton County 4-H Foundation Board Member at the time of his death.

Lastly, Dwight and Bonnie supported their son Jason's 4-H participation, which culminated in his selection as an Iowa 4-H Poultry Award Winner.

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