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Posted on August 23, 2021 at 4:51 PM by Emily Saveraid

Suzy VenHorstScott County is honored to have Suzy VenHorst join the 4-H Hall of Fame.  There is no better ambassador for the 4-H Program.  Suzy’s four children were in 4-H and she served as a leader and volunteer for many years while they were members.  She continued helping the county program serving on the 4-H Committee and has been a strong voice for 4-H on the Scott County Extension Council for 20 years.  She is supportive of all methods of 4-H – the club, out of school programs and enrichment work in the schools.

Suzy VenHorst has supported 4-H since becoming involved in with her oldest daughter in 1985.  She has not only continued as a volunteer, she is a strong supporter of the program and promotes  4-H whenever she can.  She has served on county committees and has been a volunteer at fair and other 4-H events.  Suzy feels that the program offers youth many opportunities to learn and is well known in the county for her love of 4-H. 

One of the ways that Suzy promotes 4-H is her work with the Pork Producer Apple Pie Contest which raises money for 4-H.  She has been superintendent of the Share the Fun project and encourages 4-Hers to learn to use a microphone, a skill they will need in the future.  She assists with exhibits at the fair, helps at 4-H Family Fun Night and always finds time to promote 4-H when she talks with young families.  

Scott County 4-H is lucky to have such a positive person advocating for youth development.

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