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Posted on August 23, 2021 at 4:49 PM by Emily Saveraid

Armin & Dawn ChristiansenArmin and Dawn Christiansen both have lived in Sac County ehir entire lives. Armin was born and raised near Early, Iowa where he belonged the Early Birds 4-H club and Dawn grew up near Nemaha, Iowa.   Dawn she was a member of the Delaware Rainbows 4-H club. They both had long active 4-H careers and participated in showing and raising livestock from their family farms. 

When they began to raise kids of their own they were both active   4-H leaders for the Early Achievers 4-H club, where all four of their children belonged. Their leadership days lasted over 20 years. They enjoyed watching 4-H members grow throughout their 4-H careers by inspiring new ideas, ways to volunteer in the community, and assisting them with record keeping for both projects and livestock.  

During this time of 4-H leadership they were also very active in their communities through the American Legion, woman's club, and church organizations. 

They now enjoy supporting their grandchildren who are beginning 4-Hers in the same local 4-H Club Dawn was a member of as a child, now known as the Nemaha 4-H club. They also continue to support the same local 4-H club where they were leaders, the Early Achievers, by participating in their annual fundraising efforts. 

Armin and Dawn are also strong supporters of 4-H at the state level now that they have retired from much of their local club duties. They still enjoy and support the same county fair they participated in as kids. However, now they get to watch, support and nurture their grandkids as they participate in all the activities 4-H has to offer!

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