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Posted on August 23, 2021 at 4:22 PM by Emily Saveraid

Ed and Debbie have been involved in 4-H one way or another their whole lives; as members, leaders, workers, parents and grandparents.  

Ed started 4-H at the age of 9 and was a member of the Pleasant Ridge 4-H Club in East River Township – Page County, Iowa.  His first project was taking his horse Peppy to the fair.  He was involved with the horse department from then on.  He served as a County Council member and an Area Council Member, as well as holding several offices in his 4-H club. Ed also enjoyed going to the different camps in Madrid.  After graduating, he began announcing the 2-day 4-H horse events during the Page County Fair, the Pedal Pull, Cherry Pie Auction, Clover Kids Cupcake Auction, the Saturday night open Horse Show and the Ranch Rodeo events.  He also served two terms on the Page County Fair Board.

Debbie started 4-H at the age of 9 as a member of the Shenandoah Tri M’s 4-H Club. She enjoyed taking sewing and craft projects, horticulture and photography projects to the county fair.  Debbie held several offices in her club, along with being a Page County Queen contestant.  She also enjoyed the different camps at Madrid. Debbie served as Leader of the East River/Knotty Pines 4-H Club for 15 years and 5 more for the Borderline Buddies 4-H Club.  She also worked the entry desk of the horse events during the fair, served as chair to the open 4-H Horse Show and the Ranch Rodeo for over 30 years at the Page County Fair.  Debbie was the Business Manager for the 4-H Horse Sale for its duration. 

Ed and Debbie were instrumental to the group raising money to complete the new horse barn (now named the Ron Foster Horse Barn) and arena on the Page County Fairgrounds. Over the years, they have been fundraisers, sponsors of trophies, belt buckles, plaques and banners. Both Ed and Debbie received Hall of Fame honors as 4-H members, as well as being Honorary Alumni members. 

For over 40 years, Ed and Debbie Sunderman have always been there to pitch in when and wherever they were needed.  They have been a huge part of 4-H and 4-H’ers in Page County and have passed their love of 4-H down to their children (Amanda Sunderman Vorhies, Josh Sunderman, JJ Sunderman) and now their grandchildren (many). When asked for their fondest memories of 4-H, they said, “The friendships made, and watching all the kids growing, leaning and having fun.”

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