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Posted on August 23, 2021 at 1:42 PM by Emily Saveraid

Skott & Christine GentSkott and Christine Gent are from rural Monmouth, Iowa. Christine is a School Nurse for Midland Community Schools in Wyoming and Oxford Junction while Skott is a Retail Sales Agronomist for Innovative Ag Services in Andrew. They live and care for a 350 acre grain and livestock farm where they also raised two children.

4-H has been a part of life for Skott and Christine for over 30 years. Christine, a member of the Preston Jolly-Workers 4-H club and Skott, a member of the Monmouth Co-ed 4-H Club both found their passion for 4-H as youth and young adults. Skott and Christine’s passion for what 4-H provides carried on through their children, Cale and Kaylyn, who were both members of the Monmouth Co-ed 4-H Club. They encouraged their children to be heavily involved in their club because they knew 4-H’s mission was to help youth grow and find their passions as they had experienced during their time in 4-H. 

Skott and Christine have carried this passion into their communities in many ways. Skott has been a part of numerous councils including the Jackson County Together We Build Committee that is raising funds for a new Extension and Outreach center as well as the Maquoketa FFA Alumni. Under Skott’s leadership, the Maquoketa FFA Alumni have also worked side by side with the Maquoketa Community School Board to construct a new Ag Learning Center for the students at Maquoketa High School.  

As a school nurse for 15 years, Christine has found her passion for helping today’s youth grow into strong adults. Christine has carried that passion to help students find their path further through mentorship and leadership of multiple student organizations including LRP and STAND. These clubs provide an opportunity for students to attend retreats and conferences to help them find their ability to be leaders. The mission being to provide an atmosphere where students can learn who they are as individuals and encourage them to use their strengths to become leaders and positive role models in their community.

Today, you can still find both Skott and Christine volunteering their time and talents to the Jackson County 4-H Program at the County Fair. Skott is in charge of organizing the swine show and Christine can always be found helping with Indoor Judging, setting up the State Fair Exhibits, and giving youth that last boost of confidence to go up on stage and strut their stuff in the fashion show. 4-H has been a staple in their family’s life and their goal is to provide that opportunity to the youth of today and for years to come.

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