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Posted on August 23, 2021 at 11:51 AM by Emily Saveraid

Dave DeeringerNever being a 4-H member himself, Dave Deeringer quickly learned the ropes as his three children, Brittanee, Dakota & Tanner, joined when they were young.  Dave grew up in 4-H through his children.  He started in the sheep barn learning how to shear lambs, then teaching others how to shear on their own which included making a bottle lamb look like a poodle by request of a clover kid. He then began helping with a 4-H club and serving as a Grundy County 4-H Youth Committee Member.  

Dave always had an infectious smile and positive attitude.  His passion for helping the younger generation no matter what he was doing is what we will all remember most.  Working on agriculture equipment, volunteering on the local fire department for 25 years, making omelets at the Grundy County 4-H Omelet Breakfast Fundraiser and filling in for Santa around the community are just a few of the areas he made an impact on youth.  

As a member of the 4-H Youth Committee he advocated for making the best better in providing opportunities for youth to learn.  He was the best when it came to training youth in how to make the perfect omelet.  Dave never looked at a volunteer opportunity as an inconvenience, but rather something he enjoyed no matter what we asked for.  Dave Deeringer will forever be remembered as a hard- working, caring, compassionate volunteer.  

Dave & his wife Shelly have always had a strong passion for agriculture in which they have passed on to all their children, who continue to share his passion and continue to be a part of our Grundy County 4-H Family.  Although, Dave is unable to accept this award himself, you can guarantee his is smiling right now next to his family today.

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