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Posted on August 23, 2021 at 11:43 AM by Emily Saveraid

Lois LangreckLois Langreck started her 4-H career in 1975 when her oldest daughter started 4-H.  In 1979, she became a leader for her daughter’s club, the Eden Starlets, located in the Waucoma area.  The Eden Starlets later changed names and became the Eden Outer Limits. Lois continued as a 4-H club leader until 2016.   During that time, she had the honor of serving as the 4-H leader for both of her daughter’s 9 years of 4-H participation, as well as her oldest granddaughter, Alicia Klimesh.  In 2018, youngest granddaughter, Maria Klimesh, approached grandma about serving as her 4-H mentor. Lois was honored and continued to serve as a 4-H mentor until 2020. 

Over the years, Lois was an exceptional leader in which she incorporated many different project areas into the club meeting teaching numerous club members many different craft techniques, over her 40 years of serving as a Fayette County 4-H leader.  Lois received the 40-year Award of the Clover in 2020.  

Lois was also a great advocate and promoter to the 4-H program in the small community of Waucoma.  She, along with co-leaders and club members, logged a tremendous number of community service hours by providing activities to others in town.  Throughout the years, Lois made club meetings fun. She always made sure there was an educational activity carried out and that it was completed or near completion prior to everyone heading home.  Members were excited to attend club meetings as they didn't want to miss out on anything, especially the fun and educational part of the meeting.

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