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Posted on August 23, 2021 at 10:39 AM by Emily Saveraid

Lora ReeverLora has been a dedicated volunteer to the Carroll County 4-H program for over 15 years. She began volunteering for the 4-H program with her oldest son, Will, and continued to volunteer with both of her other children, Wes and Whitney. Even though Lora's children have all graduated high school and are now alumni of the Carroll County 4-H program, Lora still continues to be the leader for her club and an excellent one at that. She puts her heart and soul into this program, continually thinking of new ideas to make the best better. For example, this year Carroll County will be hosting our first annual Round Robin showcase, an event that has been long anticipated in our county. Lora put in the time to do research, have meetings, brainstorm, and make this activity come to life for hopefully many 4-H’ers to come. 

Lora is also passionate about trying to connect other organizations to become involved in our fair, so members get more out of their experience while participating in all that the fair has to offer. She is always on the look-out for grants and financial opportunities to once again, grow the Carroll County 4-H program so that it may continue to grow not only in numbers, but in quality and quantity of programs offered. Lora is always encouraging members of her club to participate in new activities, and invites all species superintendents to her club meetings so that her members are always well informed and excited about all the possibilities of 4-H. 

Lora and her late husband, Tim, have put in so much love and dedication to the Carroll County 4-H club, and have really made some outstanding contributions to the program. Her commitment and passion have directed the county's success and continues to raise the bar for the program. Lora is a rare find as she is someone who eagerly puts in great deal of effort to the cause. She's a wonderful example of Head, Heart, Hands and Health.

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