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Posted on August 23, 2020 at 12:00 PM by Global Reach

Bill and Marcie Brodersen have been chosen as this year’s Wright County 4-H Hall of Fame inductees. Bill and Marcie Brodersen

Marcie joined 4-H in the fourth grade as part of the Lincoln Lassie’s League. She showed horses for one year, cattle, and entered numerous static entries - home improvement and food and nutrition were her favorite project areas. She was part of an active 4-H family. Marcie and her five sisters belonged to the local club, her mother was their leader while her dad led a boys’ 4-H group. Later, two of Marcie’s sisters also served as leaders.

In 2000, Marcie and her husband, Bill (originally from Nebraska), moved from Des Moines back to the Clarion area. “We wanted to raise our kids in a small town,” Marcie said.

In 2007, Marcie found her way back into the 4-H program, taking over both the 4-H Food Stand and the pop stand at the Wright County Fair.  “Bill just kind of got drug along for all of this,” she said lightheartedly.

Anyone who has ever eaten at the food stand can tell you that one of the most sought-after items on the menu is the pie...because it’s homemade by Marcie.  Each year she makes, from scratch, 120 pies (that started with her sister’s recipe).  She starts them on Memorial Day weekend by preparing the dough. 

While Bill doesn’t bake the pies, he sure is good at selling them.  When you go through the 4-H Food Stand line, you’re almost always greeted by Bill and his smiling face saying “What can I get for you?” “Bill loves seeing all the kids and families come through...and meeting all the people,” commented Marcie.

In 2008, the couple became 4-H parents when their oldest daughter, Kelsie joined the Dayton Lake Club followed soon after by their second daughter, Chloe. Marcie has been their club’s leader for the last seven years.

Despite all she and Bill have done in 4-H, Marcie was humbled to win this award. “I was shocked.  My first thought was ‘Isn’t there somebody else who is more deserving?” she admitted.  “This award is super sweet.  We love (4-H).  We’ve had so much fun over the years.”

So, what’s their favorite part of 4-H and the Wright County Fair? “The chaos,” Marcie said with a little chuckle.  “It’s fun to see the Eagle Grove and Belmond kids we don’t get to see all the time because we live in Clarion.”

Watching their own family members is enjoyed as well. There have been nine grandkids involved with 4-H and one great grandchild.... with more to follow. Their family motto – “Once a 4-Her...Always a 4-Her.”

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