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Linda first joined the Grant Little Giants 4-H club in 1959 when her dad was asked to be a leader. She was a member for ten years and exhibited cattle. Linda was honored to be crowned Plymouth County Fair Queen in 1967 and named 2nd runner-up to the Iowa State Fair Queen. Linda Beitelspacher

All three of her and Gene’s children were active in the Plymouth County 4-H program. Kristin and Erin belonged to the Grant Clever Clovers 4-H Club and Kevin belonged to the Grant Little Giants 4-H Club. They exhibited many static exhibits as well as cattle and swine. When Kristin joined 4-H, Linda immediately became active volunteering in the 4-H program. Linda has continued to be an active 4-H volunteer for the past 38 years! She was a leader of the Grant Clever Clovers 4-H club for ten years and served on the 4-H and Youth Committee for four years. She has been a volunteer on 4-H static exhibit judging day, served as static building superintendent, Clothing Event committee, and the Fair Queen contest. She currently serves on the Awards Committee and Fair sub-committee.

Linda has attended 4-H static judges’ trainings and led workshops which has allowed her to judge 4-H exhibits in several static areas at achievement shows and county fairs in northwest Iowa for almost 30 years. She has judged 4-H personal development exhibits at the Iowa State Fair for 15 years. She has reviewed scholarships for the Iowa 4-H Foundation and was a founding member of the Plymouth County 4-H Foundation, serving on that board for five years.

Linda and her husband, Gene, are members of the 4-H 400 Club and support 4-H events and fundraisers whenever the opportunity arises. Her real passion is helping 4-H’ers learn lifelong skills and gain knowledge through their 4-H exhibits and experiences. She believes that no 4-H’er should ever have an upsetting encounter with a fair judge, and it has always been her goal to facilitate that.  She is thrilled when she sees a 4-H’er experience an ‘ah-ha’ moment when they achieve a goal, share an accomplishment, or understand how to expand and share their knowledge and skills with others. Sharing her knowledge and lending encouragement and support has always been her main objective when interacting with 4-H’ers. Linda has strived to provide this to all 4-H’ers, whether it be at an achievement show, a county or state fair judging experience, a Clothing Event, or just a phone call asking for advice.    Watching her own children and grandchildren (4th generation 4-H’ers) grow and mature in their 4-H careers has been a wonderful blessing for her. She is truly humbled and honored to be chosen as the 2020 Plymouth County nominee for the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame. She sincerely loves the 4-H program and what it offers today’s youth.  She loves watching young members grow and mature to successful senior 4-H’ers and beyond! Linda will always continue striving to uphold the 4-H motto in her daily life.

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