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Clarence and Elizabeth Uthe have been involved in and lifelong supporters of the Mitchell County 4-H program. Elizabeth grew up as a 4-H member and served on her local county council, and Clarence as an FFA member in the Ames area. Elizabeth, being a strong believer in the 4-H program, served on the Youth Committee in 1964 and then served again on the Youth Committee from 1979 – 1984. The East Lincoln Larks girl’s 4-H club convinced her to be a leader in 1978 when they did not have a leader, even though she didn’t have daughters. Elizabeth continued to help support the 4-H program even when she wasn’t a leader by helping 4-Hers complete their record books, helping local 4-H members on projects for achievement shows and local county fairs, and volunteering at the Mitchell County Fair.  Clarence and Elizabeth Uthe

Clarence was a leader from 1968 – 69 prior to having kids old enough to be involved in the program. Clarence was a leader again from 1977 – 1984 for the Douglas Demons when his sons were involved. Prior to co-ed clubs each township had separate boys’ and girls’ clubs. Clarence was a groundbreaking leader in Mitchell County when he allowed a girl to join the all boys' club when her 4-H club disbanded due to lack of numbers. This was the start of co-ed clubs in Mitchell County. Clarence and Elizabeth have been supporters of the Mitchell County Ribbon auction through the years as well.    

Clarence and Elizabeth raised two boys, Doug and Dave, who were active in the Mitchell County 4-H program growing up. Clarence and Elizabeth also have 5 grandchildren who were all active in the 4-H program.     

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