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Margaret Guth first got involved in the 4-H program when she signed up her kids and has been around ever since. For six years she was the club leader of the Liberty Go Getters, an all-boys club at the time. She taught the kids how to do presentations and patiently encouraged them to share their areas of expertise with the rest of the club. When the club joined a girls’ club, Margaret continued to be a parent helper for several years. Margaret Guth

She has also been an independent 4-H mentor and leader for kids who couldn’t fit a traditional club into their schedules. During her many years as a 4-H leader she put in numerous hours volunteering and recruiting club members to volunteer at the 4-H food stand at the fair. She also helped as a dog project assistant leader.

Most recently Margaret is in her 6th year of assisting with the 4-H afterschool program. She is also called to be an assistant as needed for ESL students because she is bilingual. 

She is a great role model to 4-H-ers about what it means to be involved and give back to the community.  Beyond 4-H she spent 16 years volunteering at the local Caring Pregnancy Center. She has been a Sunday School teacher for more than a decade, and even directed VBS at her local church for nearly five years.

As her 8th year as a clerk in the legislature at the Iowa Capitol she had always been a great 4-H advocate and believes in getting the kids to the Capitol to understand the legislative process. She has met with multiple 4-H groups to help them understand our local government and how they can make a difference. In her spare time she volunteers to tutor students in school. 

Margaret is an advocate and helper of 4-H youth and all the young people in her community. Her many volunteer hours and dedication to serving youth have made a great impact in the lives of Hancock County young people and their families. Hancock County Extension is grateful for her contributions.

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