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With a strong passion for youth, Deb Lizer and her late husband, Tom, raised three boys of their own and opened their hearts to adopt five young ladies from other countries.  Each of them members of the Lincoln Jr Farmers 4-H Club. Deb was actively involved in helping her kids learn and grow through 4-H experiences.  Deb shared the importance of learning, creating goals, never giving up and tradition. Deb Lizer

She always gives more of herself to help others, loves to teach kids and has a smile on her face.  She currently serves as an assistant leader for the Lincoln Jr Farmers 4-H Club. Deb not only serves as club leader but has served as a dog obedience instructor, superintendent and led numerous workshops for youth over the years. She is always willing to help any family with questions about fair or how to make something a kid does for fun into a 4-H project or even expand it into something that brings in a profit.

Deb takes time to encourage others to do their best and never give up. If something doesn’t work she is always helping youth try to think about how they can make it work. Deb has shared her talents in food and nutrition, sewing and horticulture to name a few. She loves to teach kids about food content and why some things are good for you and share web sites to help youth figure it out. When it comes to club presentations, she always has a way of getting youth to talk in front of others.

If there is a need for volunteers Deb and her family have always been there to help with our annual fundraiser, club projects or fair clean up. You will find her at the rabbit show, dog show with her kids and supporting club members as well.  She is also active in her church and community.  Deb truly bleeds 4-H green in that she is always willing and ready to lend a hand in whatever adventure the youth come up with!  She is usually the last to leave a club meeting and is always reaching out to invite people to join 4-H by sharing about all the doors that can be opened and friends to be made in 4-H. 

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