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Jo Anne started her 4-H career in Ohio. When her son, Andrew, was old enough to start 4-H, Jo Anne started volunteering in Greene County. She has served as a Clover Hall Superintendent for nearly twenty years. She dedicated her time and talent to provide a memorable experience for Greene County 4-H’ers. She always had a trail mix booth at the grade school Extravaganza and worked in the Clover Café concession stand even after her son graduated. Jo Anne also assisted with the Greenbrier 4-H Club’s county wide basketball tournament and spent time reviewing record books. When the Extension office needed additional assistance, Jo Anne stepped up and was there to lend a hand for major 4-H events, especially the county Awards Day. Jo Ann Schnebly

Jo Anne possess insurmountable amounts of knowledge that she shared with 4-H’ers. She spent time sharing her talent with 4-H’ers by holding sewing workshops for over ten years. Each year, the projects became more advanced as the 4-H’ers skills developed. One thing 4-H’ers remember about Jo Anne’s sewing workshop is safety! Safety is extremely important to Jo Anne and taught 4-H’ers how to be safe while working with sewing materials. One major project Jo Anne led was the service project for the Barn Quilts of Greene County. For a month, Jo Anne assisted 10 Greenbrier 4-H Club members with priming, building, taping and painting an eight-foot square four H barn quilt. The four H quilt is a 1940 Kansas City star pattern and was chosen to recognize the Greenbrier 4-H Club as one of the oldest on-going Greene County Clubs. The barn quilt was raised on a barn in the southwest side of the county in the Greenbrier Township.

Jo Anne’s caring nature has not gone unnoticed. She is always there to help her neighbors and community. Jo Anne made and donated numerous quilts throughout the state, including Quilts of Valor to veterans. Today, Jo Anne has retired as a Greene County volunteer and resides in Lucas County where she is able to be closer to her grandkids.  

Jo Anne led by example. Dependability, Integrity and Citizenship are qualities Jo Anne strived for and instilled these characteristics in the people around her. We are proud to have Jo Anne as our 2020 Hall of Fame recipient this year.

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