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Joanne Tupper’s relationship with 4-H dates back all the way to when she was a child and a member for the Peppy Pixies 4-H Club in Chickasaw County. She was active in her club, giving presentations, participating as a club officer, a member of the County Council, carrying many project areas, and volunteering everywhere she could within the 4-H program. Joanne Tupper

Joanne credited her confidence and leadership qualities to those early years in 4-H. She knew that she wanted to provide others those same opportunities later in life. When Joanne and her husband, Larry Tupper, moved back to Chickasaw County to farm, Joanne immediately became active on the Chickasaw County Youth Committee, helping to plan activities for 4-Hers throughout the year.

Once Joanne’s oldest daughter, Jennifer, was old enough to join 4-H, Joanne became a leader of the Ionia Rustler’s 4-H club. All of Joanne’s children, including Stephanie, Michael, and Katie, were members of the Ionia Rustlers through the years. Even after all her children had graduated high school, Joanne stayed on as a leader of the club so she could continue to share her knowledge and experience with 4-H members.

A staple in Joanne’s volunteer experience has been her coordination of the county fair BBQ, something that she has done for over 30 years now. Her active membership in the Chickasaw County Pork Producers and Chickasaw County Cattlemen’s Association has been a valuable connection for our 4-H program. When someone was needed to take over the fair concession stand, she stepped up. She helps to judge record books to see what members are learning and help them to improve their documentation of learning. She has also been the horticulture superintendent for many years.

For Joanne, continuing the tradition of 4-H being member led and run is of the highest importance, and something that she is proud to help continue for years to come

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