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Jeremy and Amy started the Calhoun County shooting sports club, The Calhoun County Hot Shots, in 2006.  They were the active club leaders for this club from 2006-2020. Together, they have impacted the lives of many youth in Calhoun County. While Amy was the one keeping the club’s records together and making sure the logistics were in order, Jeremy was a trained shooting sports coordinator and archery instructor for both our county and at the state level.Jeremy and Amy Westcott

During her years as a Hot Shots leaders, Amy was passionate about getting her members involved with other aspects of 4-H and not just shooting sports education. She would often encourage her members to do community service projects while involving other members of the club. Amy also taught the kids the importance of record keeping, both with their shooting sports records and their record books. She would hold annual achievement shows for the kids and also offered record book workshops. She would encourage her members to fill out their yearly summaries during a club meetings so they could have that for their record books each year.

Jeremy was very active with his club members as well. He encouraged the kids to try new shooting sports skills and supported them while they learned together. He encouraged learning new skills by setting up guest presenters for their club meetings to teach the kids new skills in shooting sports education. He also did workshops with his members, such as making shooting benches for them to use. Jeremy also helped at junior camps around the county to allow for youth not in the shooting sports club to learn how to shoot archery. At the state level, Jeremy was an active archery instructor trainer for new instructors coming into the program. 

Together Jeremy and Amy and their club members ran a food stand during the Calhoun County Expo every year to help support the cost of ammo for their club. This fundraiser allowed for members to be able to shoot each year for no additional cost to them. They also helped with the upkeep of the food stand on the fairgrounds by painting it when needed and doing some remodel to the inside of the building. The Westcott’s also provided annual fun outing for their club members each year such as going to video game arcades or attending shooting sports events and competitions. The Hot Shots could always count on Jeremy and Amy to support them during their 4-H years. They would be at their judging events or make calls to them before and after the event to check in. The Calhoun County Hot Shots were very lucky to have the Westcott’s as their leader for so many years and they will truly be missed by all!

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