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Posted on August 23, 2020 at 12:00 PM by Global Reach

Boone County 4-H is proud to honor Mindy Moeller as their 2020 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductee. For more than 20 years, Mindy Moeller has worn many 4-H volunteer hats. Mindy’s passion for helping to provide opportunities for youth and her can-do attitude have had a positive impact on 4-H’ers in Boone County. Mindy Moeller

Mindy started her 4-H volunteer career when her daughters joined the Boone County 4-H Club, the Rural & City Newcomers. Even though Mindy was only in 4-H for a short time, she recognized the many opportunities that 4-H could provide youth.  Samantha and Sabrina (Mindy’s daughters) were very involved in the dog, rabbit, cat and small pet project areas. Mindy is passionate about giving back to others and she instilled that in her daughters. When others say no, she says how can I help? 

While her girls were attending 4-H dog obedience classes, Mindy noticed that the class size was very large so she offered to help the dog superintendent lead dog training classes.  Mindy and her daughters were experienced at working with dogs since they were showing professionally at dog shows all over Iowa. When the cat superintendent stepped down and no one else volunteered, Mindy offered to take over that role.  The same thing happened a few years later when the small pet superintendent stepped down.  When Boone County decided to revamp their exotic animal show, Mindy naturally volunteered to lead that endeavor. 

When 4-H was in desperate need for 4-H Food Stand Managers to manage their biggest fundraiser of the year, Mindy and a friend offered to step into that role.  For the next four years, they managed the 4-H Food Stand at the Boone County Fair. 

As 4-H’ers, Samantha and Sabrina really enjoyed working with their rabbits and they wanted to share their love of that project area with others. Mindy, Samantha, and Sabrina joined the Boone County Fair Rabbit Committee and helped with the rabbit show, rabbit workshops, and building rabbit cages for many years.  After Samantha graduated, the longtime rabbit superintendent retired. Together, Mindy and Samantha became the rabbit superintendents and still are today. Samantha and Sabrina now have kids of their own and are still volunteering with Boone County 4-H. Mindy’s loving husband, Kevin supported her volunteer endeavors and helped instill a strong work ethic in his daughters and grandchildren.

Mindy is passionate about 4-H and helping to provide youth with opportunities to help them discover their own passions. Boone County 4-H is very thankful to have such a wonderful person helping youth discover and reach their full potential. Thank you for helping make the best better!

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