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Posted on August 19, 2019 at 2:09 PM by Global Reach

Every 4-H program loves to have volunteers that are dedicated, passionate, kind-hearted and level-headed.  Those words right there describe David and Joy McFarland.  Ringgold County 4-H feels lucky to have had them serve as leaders of the Tingley Toppers 4-H Club for eleven years – 1997 - 2008.  David and Joy McFarland

David and Joy are very community-minded and caring individuals.  They liked for the club members to find needs and challenges within their community.  They then would help them figure out a way to tackle those needs/challenges to make things better.   The wide variety of learning and community service projects left an impact on the community, one in which the Tingley Toppers current members are still striving to keep intact today.  As one 4-H alum of the Tingley Toppers stated, “I learned from David and Joy that you can make an impact in your community by serving.  Small intentional efforts add up to create a lasting effect.”  Many of the Tingley Toppers 4-H club alumni can be found serving in their own communities today – a true example that youth learn by doing and follow the example they see before them.   

The McFarland’s sense of community, of belonging, of family is evident in everything that they do.  They were always good to listen to their 4-H members, really hearing what they had to say.  They were always willing to let the community club members give something a try – learning was evident whether it worked or not.    Their values, their belief in 4-H, their passion to give of their time and talents to help kids learn life lessons were also mirrored by their daughter, Landi, who joined them to co-lead the 4-H club once she graduated from 4-H.

Every county 4-H program hopes for volunteers that strive to provide support and leadership for the youth in their county.  Ringgold County feels very fortunate that we had two of the best with David and Joy McFarland. 

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