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Colleen Sattler has been a 4-H volunteer for over nine years. She has two daughters who have been heavily involved in the 4-H program, and Colleen wanted to be able to share the experience with them.Colleen Sattler

Her volunteer experience with 4-H began by co-leading the Polk Possibilities   4-H club. Colleen’s love for kids and 4-H shone brightly as the club grew and grew, eventually becoming so big the decision was made to dismember the club. At this point, Colleen’s 4-H volunteer experience continued as she chose to mentor her daughters as independent members. Though she loved taking a year to work closely with her own kids, Colleen missed the vibrancy of the club setting.

In the Fall of 2014, Colleen made the decision to establish her own club so she can fully give back to the 4-H community and engage more youth in 4-H. Since establishing this club, Colleen has had over 38 youth participate in the club and she has fully spread her passion about the importance of 4-H. In her 4-H volunteer spotlight, Colleen shared, “There is so much 4-H offers and it's not just for youth. It gives parents and youth the sense of belonging. It serves a purpose.”

As a 4-H volunteer, Colleen loves to be able to give back. As she has gained more experience in the 4-H world, Colleen also began to volunteer for the Polk County 4-H Advisory Board, which is comprised of volunteers, youth, 4-H parents, community members, and more. The mission of this group is to create, promote, and support an inclusive engagement and diverse learning opportunities for all of Polk County youth. Colleen has been a member of the  4-H Advisory Board for over 6 years, and for the past year and a half, she served as the Advisory Board’s president. With the 4-H Advisory Board, Colleen has been passionate about offering Polk County youth various workshops that expose them to different projects, skills, and interests.

Not only does Colleen dedicate a lot of her free time to Polk County 4-H, but she is also a Polk County master gardener. She enjoys spending time in the gardens producing goods that will then give back to the community.

Colleen’s involvement with ISU Extension in Polk County has been greatly appreciated during her tenure and will, without a doubt, have a lasting impact on the community. 

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