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Mike Meyer’s 4-H story started as most kids’ stories do: he was encouraged to join by older friends and his parents, David and Janet, when he entered 4th grade in 1982. Mike recalls getting picked up by the neighborhood boys who could drive to head to the school in Germantown for the Caledonia Ramblers 4-H meetings. He enjoyed working with his swine projects every year and fondly remembers exhibiting with his classmates through his senior year in high school. After graduation, Mike continued to help his younger sister, Janelle, with her swine projects and rarely missed attending the O’Brien County Fair for the next few years.  Following this, although he wasn’t directly involved in 4-H, supporting   4-H was always part of Mike’s life.Mike Meyer

Mike works full-time as a farmer and mechanic at Tom’s Repair. He is an avid supporter of his son’s and daughter’s many school activities.

Mike married his wife, Becky in 1996, and they eventually settled on an acreage south of Germantown, in Cherokee County. They have 2 children – Colton and Makenzie. It’s hard to say who was more excited for Colton to start 4-H, Mike or Colton! When enrollment time came around, the club choice was easy, Mike wanted Colton to experience the “tradition” of being a Caledonia Rambler 4-H member.         

Mike became a leader of the Caledonia Ramblers 4-H club in 2014, but will tell you he’s not alone in leading the club. He has the support and the help of all the parents of the club members, the Caledonia Ramblers club officers, and his “secretary” a.k.a. his wife, Becky. It truly is a team effort.

Mike takes pride and great joy in leading this “generational club” as several of the current members are children of the kids who were in the club with Mike in the 1980s and early 1990s. Mike’s dedication and support as a 4-H volunteer has kept traditions alive as a new generation of 4-H members join and experience 4-H in O’Brien County.

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