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What happens when you are no longer involved in something you truly loved as a youth and young adult; when you believe in the value of something for youth, even though you have no children involved?  What do you do when you feel that something should carry on after you are gone?  This year’s inductee, from Louisa County, to the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame could answer such questions.Gloria Hafner Newell

As a young lady in Letts, this year’s inductee joined 4-H when the girls wore dark green dresses with a sailor collar and white bow at the neckline.  The year she finished 4-H as a senior in high school, those uniforms changed to a striped green and white skirt and blouse with a small 4-H emblem patch on the upper left chest.

She was a member of the Hopeful Worker 4-H Club in the late 50’s and her mother was her leader for a while.  In her first year the club focused on clothing, in her second year, nutrition and by her third year it was home furnishings.  One year she gave a demonstration at the county wide achievement day called “Packing Knack” (a skill it turns out she uses extensively as an adult as she travels a great deal).   She was elected reporter of her club in her 5th year and that was followed by election to the office of county reporter for the entire Louisa County girls 4-H program.  In 1961 the Extension Office report from the Hopeful Workers 4-H Club indicates that she was club historian and completed 21 projects.  As a young adult in 1974 this young lady became a leader of that same club, though she had no daughters in the club.  In 1976 she is listed as a member of the County Youth Committee. 

Since then Gloria Hafner Newell’s direct participation in 4-H activities has slowed, but her support for 4-H remains.  In 2002 she became a founding member of the Louisa County 4-H Foundation.

Gloria Hafner Newell remains today an active member of the Louisa County 4-H Foundation and gives hours of time to raising funds as well as donating directly herself.  She was a major donor to the new photo backdrop wall project and is always looking for ways to support involvement of the 4-H youth.

Gloria Hafner Newell loved 4-H.  Now she gives back to the program she loved to ensure that other youth can be involved in a program she knows has value for the individual, their home and family and their community.

Thank you, Gloria, for your continued and loyal support of the ideals of 4-H and congratulations on your induction into the 2019 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame.

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