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Mark and Laura Taglauer reside on a farm in rural Jefferson County.  The couple raise beef cattle, as well as row crops.  In addition to farming, Laura works full time at Dexter Laundry in Fairfield as their assistant controller of accounting.  Mark owns and operates Taglauer Construction, Inc., and is based in Brighton, Iowa. The couple has always been more than willing to volunteer and dedicate their time to make the community a better place. Mark and Laura Taglauer

Laura has volunteered in numerous ways within Jefferson County 4-H over the course of the last 20 plus years.  Laura has been part of the Jefferson County 4-H Youth Committee, and is currently a Clover Kid’s leader. Every month for the Clover Kids meetings, she puts the time in to create fun activities for the youth that gives them hands-on experience. She allows the youth to learn about all areas and does what she can to provide a fun experience. She has dedicated time and attention to a program she is passionate about.  Even though Laura’s children are no longer involved in the 4-H program, she continues to set a great example for the youth of Jefferson County.

Mark is no stranger to 4-H.  As a youth he was part of the Walnut Bomber’s 4-H club.  Mark played an integral role in the completion of the 4-H food booth that was constructed on the Jefferson County 4-H fairgrounds 3 years ago.  Mark donated many volunteer hours over the last 20 years to the 4-H program.  During the County Fair, Mark can usually be found on the grill flipping burgers and turning hot dogs.

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