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Shane and Lori (Luellen) Boston have been involved in 4-H since 1978 with their passion for the organization and what it stands for still running deep in their daily lives.Shane and Lori Boston

Lori grew up as a Dallas County 4-H member of the Beaver Jr. Farmers club.  Her father was her leader.  Shane was also a Dallas County 4-H member of the Adel Jr. Farmers club, led by Robert Collins.  Later, Shane and Lori served five years as 4-H club leaders of the Adel Jr. Farmers club.

Shane and Lori continue to positively influence youth in Dallas County  teaching essential life skills and through continuous activity encouragement.  Their son, Brody, and daughter, Brittany, were both involved in 4-H through livestock exhibition and participation in many club and county activities.

Along with their continued involvement in the county’s 4-H clubs, Shane and Lori have been instrumental in the Dallas County 4-H livestock auction.  With the help of their mothers, Shane and Lori have generously served the 4-H auction for over 10 years with Shane as auctioneer and Lori as clerk.  With the help of the extension office, the Boston’s helped maximize the return 4-H’ers receive for their livestock through their contributions to the auction.

Shane and Lori were involved in the 4-H horse and cattle programs and continue to mentor and share their passion with others.  Outside of 4-H, Lori has impacted students for 27 years teaching 8th grade mathematics.  Shane worked as a loan officer for the last 20 years but most recently returned to help manage the operation at Hawkeye Breeders, where he had worked for 7 years after graduating from college.

Shane’s fondest memory of 4-H was finding the love of his life, Lori, during a water fight in the wash rack.  The couple celebrated 27 years of marriage this spring.

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These are two of the greatest people to ever walk the planet. I am so honored and proud of both of them. I am so grateful to have these folks in my life. Mark Willis
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