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Duane and Gwen Weirich have been lifelong supporters of the Cass County Fair and the youth. Duane has dedicated countless hours helping improve the fair, the fairgrounds, and 4-H opportunities in the county. Duane’s tenure on the fair board began in 2003. He worked his way up to president from 2010 to 2011. After his time on the fair board, Duane and Gwen continue to be an avid supporters of the fair and community involvement.

Duane had several key positions being a fair board member, some which include improving all the gates on the barns, repairing bleachers for events, constructing the horse arena, building an awning for the food stand, fabricating countertops and shelving for the food stand, and building a fold up stage for entertainment at the fair, as well as attending all events and providing trophy sponsorship for contestants.

With all of the projects Duane and Gwen have done for the Cass County Fair, they have donated countless hours and materials towards bettering the fairgrounds, the fair board, and the youth involved. They are very passionate about making the Cass County Fair one of the best county fairs in the state and the largest “free” fair in the state.

Duane also started the “bucket of junk” contest in 2013. The bucket of junk contest is a contest in which 4-Hers take a 5-gallon bucket of scrap metal and construct any design or object they choose to be judged. Duane holds an annual workshop at his business for 4-Hers to come and learn how to weld and construct metal using their imagination to create junk art. Duane also dedicates additional time to any individual 4-Her that cannot attend the workshop by having one-on-one welding sessions to ensure every 4-Her has the same opportunity to compete.

After Duane’s time on the fair board, he continued his dedication by smoking meat around the clock for the spectators of the fair. They also helped serve in the food stand whenever possible or when any help was needed.

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