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Tom Kauffman has been a passionate volunteer for the 4-H program in Boone County for over 30 years.  His encouraging attitude and infectious laugh have left a positive impact on Boone County 4-H.Tom Kauffman

Tom started his 4-H career as a Boone County 4-H’er in the Boxholm Bearcats 4-H club.  His first big volunteer role after graduating was serving as a Youth Committee member for four years.  After that, he held many volunteer roles, including club leader, Dairy and Meat Goat superintendent, Sheep co-superintendent, FSQA volunteer, fair board member, Iowa 4-H Youth Conference chaperone and Extension Council member.

In 1998, Tom started serving as a livestock superintendent for the Boone County Fair, a position he continues to hold. Throughout this time, he has served as the Meat Goat superintendent and Sheep co-superintendent.     When we were in need of a dairy goat superintendent, Tom graciously volunteered.  He didn’t know much about dairy goats at the time, but he learned quickly and has served in the role for a number of years.  Tom is very hard working and reliable.   We can always count on him to help out wherever needed and bring his big smile.

In 2000, when his son, John was serving on State 4-H Council, Tom volunteered to be an Iowa 4-H Youth Conference chaperone.   He enjoyed the experience so much he has continued to be a chaperone annually for the last 18 years.   Boone County 4-H and the Hwy 30 corridor counties are very thankful to have Tom serving as a male chaperone since male chaperones are hard to find. Tom’s enthusiastic attitude ensures everyone he interacts with at the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference has an enjoyable experience.   Youth find Tom relatable and a great role model. 

In 2002, Tom helped facilitate combining two Boxholm area 4-H clubs, the Boxholm Bearcats and the Boxholm Busy Bees, into a new club called the Boxholm Blazers.   He served as a club leader for the Boxholm Bearcats from 1993-2002 and for the Boxholm Blazers from 2002-2008.                                                                                                                               

In 2007, Tom was elected to the Boone County Extension Council and continues serving in that role.  After Boone County ISU Extension and Outreach purchased a building for their office, Tom stepped up to the plate as a building committee member and always comes to the rescue when maintenance needs to be completed.   Tom always has supplies in his truck for every contingency including cutting a desk in half to get it out the front door of the Extension Office. 

Tom Kauffman lives in Pilot Mound with his wife, Frances.  Tom and Frances have two children, John and Holly who were very active in the 4-H program.  Tom enjoys farming, working with sheep and tractor pulling events. 


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