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Wayne and Janet Ralston are the 2018 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductees for the Woodbury County 4-H program.  Together, Wayne and Janet have over 70 years of service for Woodbury County Extension and the Woodbury County 4-H program.  Wayne served on the Woodbury County Extension Council in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Wayne and Janet Ralston

Janet started volunteering for 4-H soon after their daughter joined 4-H.  Both Janet and Wayne have served as 4-H fair superintendents in swine, herdsmanship, and livestock at the Woodbury County Fair.   They have also served as superintendents in the 4-H building for foods, child development and other departments as needed.

Wayne and Janet are members of the 4-H and Fair Committee.  This committee is a sub-committee of the 4-H Youth Committee.  In the early 80’s Wayne was on the ad-hoc committee and it was decided superintendents would serve a 3-year term.  That decision is still working after almost 40 years.

Wayne was once asked what would happen if he wasn’t involved in 4-H.  He said nothing, 4-H would continue.  He would be wrong; both he and Janet have made a difference in the Woodbury County 4-H program.  They have put their heart and soul into solving problems that arise in the 4-H program.  Wayne does not brush controversy aside but instead solves problems to make 4-H better.   There are numerous guidelines in the 4-H fair book that Wayne and Janet, along with others, helped create so the rules can be understood by 4-H families and to make rules that are fair for all.

Wayne is currently the chair of the 4-H and Fair Committee.  Janet is currently the 4-H Fair Superintendent in Personal Development and Child Development and a member of the 4-H and Fair Committee.  Wayne volunteers to write comments for the 4-H judges.  Janet also volunteers at the Woodbury County Library in Moville, Iowa.  Both Janet and Wayne have been supportive of youth in their community.

Wayne and Janet live in the country near Moville, Iowa.  They have one daughter, Rochelle Ralston.  Rochelle and James Ferguson have one son, Laszlo Ferguson.

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